CCB7150-9 Basket Style Empire Chandelier

Basket Style Empire Chandelier 9 lights

A stunning Basket Style Empire Chandelier of simple elegant design.

The head of the chandelier consists of a double outer and inner ring design. The outer ring decorated with strings of 30% lead crystal brilliants.

The main body of the chandelier consists of a cascade of 30% lead crystal brilliants from the inner ring of the chandelier head to the upper ring of metal framed centre piece. The upper ring of the centrepiece is decorated with large 30% lead crystal brilliants that connect it to the centrepiece lower ring.

There is a further cascade of 30% lead crystal brilliants cascading from the centrepiece lower ring to the bottom metal ring forming the lower basket of the chandelier. The bottom ring is decorated with pendant style droplets, which are 30% lead crystal finished off with o machine cut faced ball style pendant.
All nine lights of the chandelier are contained with the brilliants of the chandelier.

9 X 40 or 60 watt bulbs

Size: 450w x 630hmm
Weight: 6kg

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