About The Crystal Chandelier Company

Welcome to the Web Site of “The Crystal Chandelier Company Limited”.

The Crystal Chandelier Company Limited was founded in April 2004 by husband and wife team Doreen and Iain Liddle who remain the sole directors of the Company.

At the time of conception it was decided that whilst the Company would be internet based it was important that this side of the business should be supported and enhanced by a retail display presence allowing customers to visit and see samples of our products which gives them “peace of mind” with regards to the high quality of our product ranges. To accommodate this requirement a suitable site was found in the heart of Edinburgh’s “World Heritage” New Town District of Stockbridge.(See Contact Details for Directions). Please feel free to pop in and have a chat whether it be about the chandeliers or for help on sizing or any of our other product services we offer.

Over the past 9 years “The Crystal Chandelier Company Limited” has supplied its products worldwide, shipping to Australia, Hong Kong, India, Japan, New Zealand, Thailand, USA as well as mainland Europe.

Closer to home the Company has supplied and fitted to Hotels, Country Houses, City Town-houses and Castles in both the UK and Ireland.
Although starting out life as “Retail Company”due to its reputation for quality products and a high level of customer service the Company started to receive more and more enquiries for cleaning and renovation to chandeliers other than our own. Some of the chandeliers concerned were valued in tens of thousands of pounds. This was originally dealt with by way of sub contracting but due to the volume of requests it was decided that the Company should expand to enable it to deal with them in house.

The Crystal Chandelier Company is now the Company that not only Supplies but also Maintains and Refurbishes “The Ultimate Finishing Touch”.

Our Chandeliers

Here are a selection of our chandeliers for sale. To view our full collection please view our online catalogue.